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Espere Kay is a future transition home for young adults in Haiti. Due to a federal mandate by the government of Haiti, children who are over the age of 18 can no longer live in an orphanage. At the age of 18, most children in Haiti have not finished their high school education. They are either being sent back to families who can not provide for them or they are being left to fend for themselves. We currently have 7 young people from Loving Hands Orphanage who fall into this category. Temporarily, we have been able to place them with family members or in other short-term housing. We continue to support them in their education and help with some of their basic needs. We are in the process of providing a more permanent solution for these young adults by starting a transition home. Our goal is to house, feed, educate and disciple them until they are equipped to be independent young men and women of Christ in Haiti.

Praise God!!, currently all of our young adults are sponsored for basic needs and education. However, we do need general donations to cover expenses for rent, water, electricity, and transportation. Any amount you wish to donate will be greatly apreaciated.

We also encourage you to consider going on a short term mission trip to Haiti to meet the children and to take part in future work and/or medical projects.

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Donation Information